Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arrows In The Dark

Quick post, then bed. Here's both of The Sword LP's, first here, the new one, 'Warp Riders'. Gold vinyl. Still getting used to this new one. It's nothing hugely different from the first album, but it's certainly cleaner.
Did someone really hand number 5000 copies? Why??
And their first album, 'Gods Of The Earth'. Amazing stoner/thrash crossover, this LP wipes the floor with everything else that even resembles this style. Black vinyl.


mikxxx said...

very nice blog here sir

i've add you in my blog's list
if you like do the same

M said...

Warp Riders is their third LP:

great blog!

Sean said...

thanks M. yeah i have since learned of that first LP. looks like another record that ill have to chase down.