Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sour Grapes

Here be the blinder of an LP in 'Push Pull', by none other than Norcal's finest, Punch. This LP just about (okay, not just about, it does it with ease) wipes the floor with their previous work. I did have a little trouble initially getting into this band. The 7" was nothing special, and the last LP didn't grab me straight away. Seeing them live last year was certainly the catalyst for the development of my interest in this group. Where the last album dabbled in tempo switches and grind, and often relied on hooks and breaks for the basis of most of the song structures, this new album is pretty much a total fastcore/blast beat/grind fest. Maybe it's the heavy mix with the snare right out in front, but the guys certainly seem to have decided to sacrifice the more tried and true methods of the last LP in favour of just mental percussion etc. This album is a blinder in this respect and totally benefits in the changes. This is another top tenner for me for this year.
Grey wax thanks to 625 Thrash Records. Expect to see them out this way (Australia) again in the next 6-8 months so I've been told.

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