Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Late Shift

I rarely buy compilation records, and when I do it's normally PV/grind related stuff anyway. A friend of mine was moving some of his personal collection recently so I thought I'd grab this one. Revelation Records released the 'Generations' comp in 2006 if memory serves. According to the Rev site, 550 were pressed on red wax, and 550 on blue.
I'm going to be honest, and I'm sure some of you may already know this, but the only real reason I grabbed this was for the two Mind Eraser tracks. In stark contrast to pretty much the entirety of the rest of this LP, these two ME tracks are the best works on offer here. Yes, both of the songs did appear on a 'bootleg' 7" single in the same year, and one of them was re-recorded for the "Prodigal...' 7" of 2009, but the nerd (fuckwit) in me had to get this.
There are a handful of good tracks from other bands on here too, but for the better part, alot of the tunes kind of fall outside of my taste range. More typical to the current modern Rev sound if you will.

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