Friday, September 17, 2010

You're Caught

I try really hard to not buy into hype when it comes to bigger bands these days. Often I do okay in this resistance department, but I will admit that it's been somewhat tricky keeping away from the hype that has been surrounding this new Terror album. This is my copy of 'Keepers Of The Faith' on blue vinyl thanks to Reaper records. This is certainly an 'out of the ordinary' purchase for me if you consider the vast majority of the content of this blog, and to be honest I have heard better albums by more than a few bands this year, but I'm happy to own this LP, it's certainly a tidy little package. I like the layout, if you haven't noticed, the cover is a close up photo of one of those KOTF hoodies. Mine didn't come with that Terror logo sticker on it, said sticker was on the shrink wrap in the same spot, I put it there after I peeled back the wrap. Perhaps not the wisest thing I could have done as a collector, but I'm not too worried, I don't really see myself offloading this any time soon.
This new album sees the introduction of Jordan Posner (formally of No Warning etc) into the fold, replacing Doug Weber as guitarist and song writer. If you want to try and guess why this album is causing such a stir at the moment, I'm willing to bet that Jordan's enlistment would definitely be a driving factor. He's certainly crafted some very cool songs on here, and he obviously knows how to put together a great riff. Imagine if No Warning kept going in this direction. Holy moly.
I'm actually planning on getting one of those hoodies for myself now. What a sucker.
The insert comes in the form of a rather large booklet with heaps of pages of live photos, crew shots, mug shots and the lyrics etc. It definitely serves as a nifty mood setter for a good sit down/chill out to this album.
When I was younger I liked Terror up until the second album. One of the very first proper hardcore shows I ever went to was when they did their first tour here in Australia with Last Nerve supporting. Back then though I wasn't a record collector, so I never grabbed any of the stuff on wax. Seeing as how it's obvious that I'm back on the Terror wagon, it didn't seem stupid to me to grab 'Lowest Of The Low' and 'One With The Underdogs' last time I was in Sydney. This is the 12" version of LOTL on clear wax that Bridge 9 did. If I'm not mistaken it originally came out as a 10" that is alot harder to get your mitts on. I'm happy enough with this version.
I guess you could say that this is the band at their most 'pure'. The least polished production of the entire catalogue, all of the stuff here is just fast, pissed hardcore. I think it's safe to say that most of the older Terror fan base rate this as their best material. Not me though...
...I'm a bit of a 'One With The Underdogs' guy myself. There's only one song on this album that I don't like, everything else is murderous. I mean, there really isn't anything to these tracks, they're all just simple hardcore songs, but sheesh, I don't think that some of the mosh bits on this album will ever be topped. Kill your fucking grandmother kind of stuff. The title track to this LP would have to be one of the most perfect hardcore songs of all time. Anyway, black vinyl, Trustkill Records.
Say what you will about this band and Scott Vogel himself, but fuck, if I'm still singing about hardcore pride, moshing, inciting stage dives, and living the 'hardcore lifestyle' when I'm in my late 30's/nearly 40, I will be a very happy man. To me (regardless of what rumours you've heard and whether they're true or not) Vogel is one of the true modern hardcore godfathers. His lyrics always get me pumped and make my days better. Go Scott haha.

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