Saturday, September 4, 2010

False Authoritative

Here's a recent order I made with Painkiller Records. These three EP's were all delayed in pressing. I visited the website multiple times every day from when the plans for these records were first announced until the time they became available. That's about three months, possibly more. Commitment to the core.
First is the new Mammoth Grinder single, 'Obsessed With Death'. One brand new track (the title track obviously), and a cover of Venoms classic, 'Welcome To Hell', that they recorded live for KVRX Austin Radio earlier in the year. Black wax, limited to 375.
Both songs are great, the new one would have to be just as good as anything from 'Extinction Of Humanity'. The new recording lends better to Chris' newer vocal stylings too, they sound less washed out then they have in the past.
The new Knife Fight 7", 'Isolated'. It's cool to see this band active again, not that they were ever officially split up I don't think, they were playing semi regularly as far as I know. Of course they'll never match the sheer quality of the demo and first two 7"s, but for any new listener, this EP is a great introduction. Black vinyl.
Did you hear? They're touring Australia at the end of the year. Take cover. Anyway, fold out sleeve with fucking cool artwork by Jordan Darby of Dry Rot.
Other side of the fold out. More fucking cool art. In a limited run, the label also pressed the bands demo to 7". Unfortunately I missed out on said record. I got in early with this order, but I'm thinking that most of the records were probably sold at shows or something similar prior to being listed online. Seems the web-store had a very small number for sale. Will probably hunt it down on eBay or something.
Aaaannnnd the new Vaccine 7", 'Human Hatred'. Quite possibly the 7" of the year for me, but we'll see, we've still got another four months to go. This record would have to be the soundtrack to my life at the moment. Chaotic, misanthropic, Slap A Ham/early 90's west coast PV influenced hardcore. These guys have the negative edge. Makes me wish I had it too sometimes, just so I could sing along and rip peoples heads off at shows.
Black vinyl, four panel fold out sleeve. Ten songs in four minutes. Kill yourself.

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