Monday, September 6, 2010

Set Fire To The Heavens

Here's a tricky one, the new s/t LP by Northern California's Caulfield. Tricky in that it's hard to really properly describe what these guys are playing. Down tempo, dark, gruff, crust are all descriptions that I could make. Some rather depressing instrumentals, and obvious black metal leanings in parts too, without sounding like some new-wave hipster recreation. This isn't really what I consider hardcore, nor is it full fledged metal. It's definitely something in between. I guess fans of bands like Thou and Cough will be pleased with this the most, though I wouldn't necessarily say that they are hugely comparable to either of those groups. Regardless, this is the best record that A389 has put out this year, and I'm sure that it will go hugely underrated.
Very basic, screened artwork, that certainly helps me get into this more. Black ink on a regular, plain card sleeve. This is exactly the stuff that I like the most. Simple and effective.
Comes with this stapled booklet of liner notes etc.
Various medieval wood carving influenced artwork going on to accompany lyrics and notes etc.
Definite top tenner for 2010.

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