Wednesday, September 22, 2010

alpha male

A few months back I posted about the Crime Desire LP and my general distaste for it. In said post I made mention of this here 7", the 'In Lucifers Grip' EP and how great it is. Messy, noisy hardcore with definite elements of early Clevo thrash and some Jap thrash stuff. Here the songs certainly seem a little more structured and the vocalist sounds alot more angry and demented. This material, in my opinion, is much more suited to this band, and exactly what I want to hear.
Cool artwork and layout. Red plastic. Life's A Rape Records.
The cardstock used for the sleeve is of a matte black variety, it's nice and thick. Folds out to this square, four panel poster. The vinyl is tough, robust stuff too. Pressed somewhere in America from what I can tell, not a cheap Euro pressing.
Not much else to say. I don't know much about this band, whether they're still going, or if they released anything after this 7". I know that this record is pretty raging though, and if they haven't recorded any subsequent material, at least they went out on a bang.


Video Disease said...

They recorded another full length after this 7" in the same vein, and just released a brand new 12" EP, and toured the west coast.

hateyourspecies said...

these dudes rip! saw them a ton of times a few years back when i still lived in san diego. super solid dudes. i would try to track down their first LP, "we hate all life" as well. super demented noisy thrash/PV influenced stuff, and the artwork is amazing. two color screenprinted chipboard sleeve of a wounded GI's chest, complete with a real dog tag attached to it that says Crime Desire on it.

hateyourspecies said...

also collin used to sing back in the day in the most ridiculous grind band called...wait for it...disreantiyouthhellchristbastardmanX