Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pity Animal

This is the new 7", 'Never Mind The Bombings, Here's Your Six Figures' from hardcore 'super group' United Nations. Fruity fluro yellow wax. Obvious rip off cover. Still trying to decide wether I really like this band or not. I've heard PV comparisons. Not hearing that really. A very mid 90's kind of 'emo violence' sound maybe.
And the Black Teeth s/t 7". Khaki/brown with white smudge. This band certainly have the right idea, and this is that kind of stuff that I love when done right. Heavy, slow, dirty, metallic hardcore. They're not quite getting there for me though. They dabble a little too much in basic hardcore structures. They tease at an amazing potential with the last song on this record 'Expiration' though. Just dirgy, downtrodden scum covered hardcore. The song is based around a really good, simple riff, my only gripe is that it just doesn't quite go for long enough. If the band wrote more songs like this one though, I certainly think that they'd be one of my favourites. Simple packaging for this record. The sleeve is just one simple card. No fold. The record just sits in its dust sleeve, in a plastic sleeve next to the card.

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CITIZEN said...

I remember reading an interview with Geoff Rickly before UN happened, he said it was going to be a "blastbeat-riddled grind band" or something. Obviously it didn't quite get there. I'd agree with the "emo violence" comparison. I liked the first EP. Pretty sweet title on this one, pity the Sex Pistols suck.