Monday, August 16, 2010

Nuclear Solution

A nice way to start my week (well, technically today is my friday, so this is the end of my week), here's the new tour cassette from Texas psychos Mammoth Grinder. I lined this up with a guy on the Viva La Vinyl board. I'm only new there, but I've managed to get my hands on a fair bit of good stuff thanks to some of it's users. Couldn't recommend VLV more if you're after pretty much anything American that you can't get on fucking B9. Anyway, like I said, the band were selling this on their recent US tour. It's limited to 100. Compliments of Nuclear Solution Records.
Six tracks. None of them labeled. I know the name of track 3, it's 'Societal Collapse', re-recorded after first seeing life on the bands MLP. 4 and 5 are 'Obsessed With Death', and 'Welcome To Hell' (Venom cover) respectively. 6 is a Rorschach cover that I'm not familiar with.
As a courtesy I've split up the tracks on this tape and labeled them the best way I could. The other upload that exists online of this tape currently does so as one total track only. Enjoy.

PS I just received an email from Photofucket. Guess who's nearly over his monthly upload limit? Fuuuuuuu...