Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Face To Face With Your Executioner

Here's a record that recieved a heap of hype over the last few months, hype that would contest the new Terror stuff; the new Rival Mob EP, 'Hardcore For Hardcore'. I have spoken quite a few times of this band over the last year, and while I did like that last LP, I feel that this 7" is just so much better. Better recording, better written songs. Artwork of the year so far too.
Apart from the title track, this record shares no songs with the promo cassette of the same name from a few months back. It's a good thing too, after hearing that tape I was kind of worried. Most of it was average.
Purple wax from Six Feet Under Records. 45 hole. I don't think I'd normally be overly fond of this colourway, but it seems to work really well with the rest of the artwork and layout.
Here's some trivia that I'd hope/assume that most of you would be familiar with, but you never know, maybe not? DFJ, vocalist for Mind Eraser, drums for this band, while the singer for Rival Mob, Brendan, drums for Mind Eraser. Cool huh? Is it just me? Tour Australia already.

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