Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Atom Bomb Death Race

I know I've posted about at least one record every day this month, sometimes multiple times, but I've got a busy couple weeks coming up (Extortion are playing four shows here this week, I'm on tour with Marathon next week), plus I'm capped again, so it may get quiet for a little while. Maybe not though, I still have heaps of vinyl to talk about, including the Jane Doe reissue (it's awesome, will post about it compared to my OG version), stuff by Punch, The Sword and Integrity. It's ridiculous. I was thinking about it the other day, yeah I may have somewhat of a cool collection, but I'll be the guy with no lady, no kids and nothing else but a big vinyl collection when I'm 40. Sick life.
Anyway, this is the new California Love 7", 'Post Mortem Emanations'. Nobody sounds like this band. Just dirty, crusty, fastcore. A lack of hooks and breakdowns really make them a challenge to listen to sometimes, but I fucking love them. You get more of the same with this EP, albeit a little rougher than any of their previously recorded material.
Black vinyl, and self released by the band themselves, as with some of their previous work. I like the idea of a band doing it all themselves. I've often pondered if I were in a band whether we would ever do that. I like the idea of it, leaves you with complete creative control of every aspect.
Anyway, this band and record rule. A nod from me to the obvious Infest tribute in the artwork too. Not for everyone, but if you like any of the older stuff, you will like this.


Evan said...

Where did you find a black version of this record? Mine is on clear. Cheers!

Sean said...

i got this from the revHQ store dude.

Evan said...

Cool, will have to pick this one up. Glad to see another California Love fan. Great blog by the way.