Friday, July 9, 2010

World Of Fools

Two records by two Aussie bands. Both of which I grabbed at Hardcore 2010. First is the new Blkout 7", 'No Justice, No Peace', with the limited HC2010 cover. Do I need to explain the covers inspiration? I managed to score the limited preorder colourway of grey and maroon too, apparently not all of them came with this, they just used some leftovers from preorders. Nice. Resist Records.
End of the day, I have never been crazy about this band. Not crazy enough to really warrant buying this record anyway. I wasn't going to initially, but then I thought about it's potential flip value on eBay in six months time. That, and I do like the cover rip.
I hate barcodes on record sleeves. Why does a limited cover of this nature, that's obviously only going to be sold at hardcore shows, manage to be burdened with such an ugly intrusion? I don't get it. I should mention that mine is hand numbered 12 of 50, though I forgot to get a proper photo of that bit.
I find this band boring live, the singer kind of just waves and bops around on stage while wearing his Fred Perry shirt, Polo cap, and Ksubi jeans. Not my thing, best of luck to him though.
And the new Ill Brigade 7", 'In This Age', on preorder purple wax. Another record I was lucky enough to pick up with a limited colourway. Common Bond Records (Resist Records subsidiary) . These guys were pretty good live, though I don't think that many people really got into them. Shame really, they were certainly better than Blkout.
Absolution rip off sleeve. They do a Breakdown cover on here too. Band knows what they're on about.
Another barcode, eurgh.

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