Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life Is Pain

Coupla LP's, both with a similar vibe I guess. Well I'd say that the second one takes certain cues from this first one. LP in point: the reissue of Merauder's 'Master Killer'. Black and pink wax. Reaper Records are responsible for this one. A good label that seems to be reissuing heaps of great stuff lately. Obviously not the OG artwork, but what they've done here is a really cool idea. They've used the skeleton samurai thing still, but put it amongst a scene of chaos on the Brooklyn bridge. Fitting. I like it.
Fold out insert with lyrics etc, and this tribute to S.O.B., the bands original guitarist.
The other side of the insert with this collage. Does every reissue ever get a collage? I think so.
The matrix scribe. My mate owns a test of this reissue. What a prick.
And hate if you have to, but the first Hoods LP, 'Time... The Destroyer'. Everything they did after this one sucked major butthole, but I love this album. Ignorant, arrogant tough guy hardcore. So much metal, so good.
Victory Records release, but this is the Australian edition that Drug Bust Records pressed. They did this with a bunch of Victory stuff from this era, including Buried Alive and No Innocent Victim. Very simple packaging. Just the sleeve and record. No insert.

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Papst Benedikt XVI said...

the German re-issue from a few years ago had no collage.