Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am the judge, I am the jury.

If I remember correctly, about 18 months ago No Tolerance first issued their demo tape, a tape that I actually did have the opportunity to get my hands on at cost price via the Painkiller webstore. For some ridiculous reason though, I passed up on this chance. For what reason I'll never really know I guess, but I'll always hate myself just a little for it. Anyway this is the 7" reissue version aptly titled "Boston Straight Edge", put out by 540 Records. This is actually the second pressing from what I can tell, as I missed out on the first press, and for a while it wasn't available anywhere, then a few weeks ago it showed up all over the place. I'll assume that it's a second press anyway. Raging fucking Boston hardcaaawww. Arguably the best modern incarnation, up there with the Waste Management 7" certainly. Black wax.
Comprised of half of Mind Eraser, the amount of talent when it comes to writing good fucking hardcore songs possessed in these guys collective pinky finger outweighs just about anything else coming out of anywhere at the moment. So many good bands, so many good records. Boston is a mind field. The contrast of this 7" to any Mind Eraser material blows me away. It's hard for me to comprehend how two guys are able to pump out such polar opposite music, and do it so well.
Nightstick Justice, "Claustrophobic" 7". I've made the speel before, Thomo turned me onto this band, and I haven't looked back since. Fast, kind of thrashy Boston styled stuff. Black vinyl.
I ordered this on eBay along with the two Fucked Up Mix Tapes (of which I'll post about later), but it took something like two months to arrive. I wasn't pleased.
One more record by these guys to collect and I'll have one of each of their releases. Not that it's a hard find, but sell me your demo 7".

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Beau said...

you probably didnt get a No Tolerance tape cos at the time you didnt know it was half of Mind Eraser...