Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mindless Mutant

Okay here comes an epic post. Following is the stash I talked about the other day. The first four records I received in the mail recently though, everything following those four is stuff I grabbed in Melbourne...

Infest 'Slave' LP. This is the Draw Blank/Deep 6 reissue from way back when. Red vinyl. I actually had a stab at an OG pressing of this on eBay a couple of weeks ago, but I definitely didn't have anywhere near enough cash for it. This only cost me $40 though, from someone on a forum I use. Good deal I like to think.
This is the Mob Rules 'Donor' 7" on black. The one and only Pabst Benedickt posted about these guys a few weeks ago, and in turn I thought I'd give them a try. Raging PV kind of moshy stuff from The UK. Pretty brutal indeed.
And this is their split 7" with Crowd Control. CC play a similar style of hardcore I suppose, maybe a little less metallic. None the less they're a great band too.
And when I ordered the last two records, Jamie from Suburban Mayhem was kind enough to throw in this Burning The Prospect/Bacchus split 7". Both of these bands play a kind of doomy d-beat. A mix of scando and maybe a little burning spirit.
Both bands are also from the UK. Bacchus are from Ireland to be precise I think.
Shank LP. Thrashy, sloppy PV. This album is quite the ripper. This bands claim to fame I suppose is their split with Iron Lung from a few years back. The material on here is better than their split stuff.
Brainkiller demo 7". Deranged put this out last year and followed it up quickly with the bands s/t 7". I can't decide which one I like better, both are crazy good. Bastard worship, though a little rougher.
Landmine Marathon/The Funeral Pyre split 7". LM are certainly getting bigger now. Grindy metal/hardcore with female vocals. It's good stuff. The Funeral Pyre play thrash/melodic/black metal. Lots of tremolo riffing actually.
The s/t record from Canberra's Eye Gouge. Purple wax with blue smudges. I think I got a limited cover, it's hand numbered. Thomo, help me out?
Cannabis Corpse 'The Weeding' MLP. Cheesy as hell death metal, that sounds like it was ripped right from Barnes era Cannibal Corpse. I'm not even that fond of this shit, but they've got members of Muni Waste, the idea is amazing, and the cover art is even better. Pink wax dude.
I thought I was buying the new Wasted Time LP when I grabbed this one, then I got home and had a proper look to find that it's just the reissue LP of the bands two previous 7"s. Damn my tunnel vision. Said 7"s were great, but I have heard that the new album is much better. Someone offer me cash for this, I don't really need it.
Disnihils s/t LP. I have raved on about this band before I believe. Great d-beat from actual clean punks from Brooklyn. Saw them live, they were great. Black wax.
The Skin Like Iron 10". Kind of wierdo, noisy hardcore. I think they released this record themselves, don't quote me on that though. Free Cake has also released stuff for them before.
Red wax.
The Acrid/Bombs Of Death split 7". It's always seemed to me that Acrid have been riding the 'Colofan' tsunami ever since their split with Left For Dead. There is merit here though. Good doomy, dark hardcore. Though their half of the LFD split is better than the stuff here. Bombs Of Death play more straight up hardcore (well, compared to Acrid anyway).
Total Abuse 'Sex Pig' ep. 'Flag influenced, noisy hardcore from the US. I suppose you could compare these guys to modern day classics like Sex Vid or Brain Handle.
More 'Flag worship here, this Born Bad 'Moron Music' 7" is nearly flawless. It's cleaner than Total Abuse, but it sounds like they've still got the same idea. I tried to order this from RevHQ months ago, but for whatever reason it didn't work out. I was happy to pounce on this when I saw it.
Another record I have been very interested in getting my hands on for quite a while now. The Fashion s/t 7". This is four Aussie guys living in the UK, playing Clevo scum worship ala 9 Shocks Terror etc.
I know for a fact that the bands drummer Penky has returned home now, and it's possible that other guys have too, so I doubt we'll see anymore from Fashion. Shame really, crazy stuff.
This LP isn't mine, it's my mate Chris', I'm just minding it for him, but I figure I'll post about it. This is the Ringworm 'The Promise' reissue on 'abortion' coloured vinyl. I pre ordered this one months ago, and got it on red/yellow vinyl. Mine also came with the Ringworm demo 7", the Gluttons 7" and a fat booklet of photos etc. This version did not.
Rounding it up, here are some photos of zines I have recently laid my hands on. The first lot here I got at Missing Link. All of these are fucking great.
Distort issues #26 and #27. I have a sub obviously. Don't need to talk about Distort here I don't think. Most people should know what's up. The best this cunt-ry has to offer.
And a handful of cheesy Euro zines that I bought at a show recently. Seriously, Euro kids are weird, but cool at the same time.
The end.


TG said...

dude, this is insane.

Sean said...

my first time in Melbourne/Missing Link man, of course I'm gonna drop some cash.

Fists Fights And Broken Glass said...

Yeah dude thats the limited cover out of 70.. i want that infest 12", it looks awesome on red.

Jamie Parks said...

solid post..lotta good shit.. your photos really bring it all to life.. RatEyes for life..