Thursday, February 18, 2010

Honey Stomachs

The following may seem a little off topic, but bare with me as I allow you a small insight into the world of a record collector.
I'm a chef, and in recent years I have come to the realisation that it is very rare that I come across another chef who doesn't have some sort of substance addiction/crutch. In eight years I think I've met maybe four chefs who don't smoke cigarettes. In the same time I've met maybe one who doesn't do any sort of drugs on a regular basis. There is always something... nicotine, alcohol, recreational drugs etc. Our standard industry magazine, which doesn't really ever circulate outside of hospitality runs anti drug ads on a regular basis (hard drugs I might add, speed, heroin etc). I've worked with three separate intravenous drug users in the last two years, track marks, sunken eyes and all. It's what the stress of the job does to you. We all need something. The thing is though, I've never really had any kind of addiction to any substance. Sure I drink every now and then, and I do enjoy it, but if I was told tomorrow that I could never drink again, I would have absolutely no problem with it at all. So I have always wondered why I don't abuse anything like this? Why I have no need to write myself off week after week. Then it occurred to me, my addiction is to that of the wax. Now I toy with the theory jokingly with friends often, but it really is true. Well, there are a few things that get me through my day... thoughts of relationships with certain people definitely help me the most, but nothing beats the feeling of popping open the post box at the end of a long day to find a packet of new records. It makes the day that much better. Posting on here really has become somewhat of a hobby for me too, I hope it's worth the effort for my readers. Anyway, what I am getting at is the fact that I realise how much cash I drop on records. My last post is certainly proof of this, and this post here is about to back up the theory even more so. Yes, I spend way too much money. Vinyl junky indeed...

First up is the new Dry Rot LP, 'Philistine'. For a simple hardcore kid like myself, it doesn't get much weirder than this. Noisy, fucked up shit, from christians.
These two records are by a band named Hunter (clearly). The first one is '4' and the second one is '8'. I've glanced at both of these countless times in the last few months at my local record store, but never thought too much about it. I always new that the guy from Alexisonfire drums for them, so maybe that's why I never tried them out. I figured it'd just be some overly clean, moshy, boring crap. But it just so goes that my GF loves Alexisonfire and she wanted to hear Hunter. So we tried them out online, and to my surprise they're not too bad. Yeah, somewhat polished, but interesting none the less. It's fast (quite fast in some parts) and hard.
Organized Crime Records has gone about reissuing the first Integrity 7". It's on blue wax. Not sure of the numbers. They also plan on reissuing pretty much the entire Integrity catalogue over the next 12 months from what I've heard.
Reworked art, but they also included a copy of the OG slip, so you get the idea.
Six Feet Under Records has just put out this Pegasus ep. SFU seems to be pretty 'on the pulse' most of the time. I like what they're doing. Pegasus sound alot like Life Of Agony, wild vocals, with plenty of mid paced, tough as hell hardcore.
Gern Blandsten has just reissued the two Rorschach LP's as a double LP gatefold deal. Seems that the last 12 months has seen a shit load of older records being re-released, but have we needed all of them? I mean I did want this, but really? Anyway...There isn't much to say, it's exactly what you'd expect, gatefold, clean, with some old unearthed photos etc.
Limited to a press of 1000 copies, I got number...
United Nations s/t LP. This band is comprised of a few guys from a few notable bands, though none of that needs the mention here, search it out by way of the google if you need to...
It's a little tricky for me to describe exactly what these guys are doing. I've herd them labled as PV of all things, though that comparison is pretty far off if you ask me. It just sounds like noisy, scrambled hardcore, with some 'screamo' influences. The vocals remind me a heap of the second Fear Before The March Of Flames album, before that band went totally shit anyway.
Last up, something that isn't a record. The Anthrax Club bio. Very keen to get into this.


Tim said...

Two mammoth posts in a row dude. I think you might have to check into rehab soon haha. Definitely agree with what you said. Coming home from a shit day at work and finding a box of records on the doorstep helps me get through the week.

Anonymous said...

Record collecting is probably one of the best addictions to have, whilst sometimes it makes me go a bit mental, it's probably a lot less harmful than shooting up.

Like the blog anyway dude, i linked to this from mine a couple of times, always get some good reccomendations from here, even if it does seem you have a bigger budget than mine and i end up jealous.

Keep it up!

Silverfox said...

Hey Sea, fouind your blog through Sascha (Freedom Is Free Zine), and thoroughly enjoying it, I especially liked what you said about being a clean chef, I'm also a chef and, like you, have no need for any substance, except a good coffee or a few drinks but can take it or leave it. Today I work a split shift at my second moonlighting job, on my day off, so the need to play Integrity real loud has never been greater! I'm from Perth but from the UK originally, been here for 3 years now, anyway, loving the blog, catch ya on the flip side!