Monday, December 21, 2009


So I was just perusing through my blog when I noticed a new comment on my recent Converge Axe To Fall post. Scroll to the bottom and read the new comment, it's by someone that some people may know of. Anyway in response to his comment I formally retract any ill fated remarks I made about the DIY approach of the band. What Nate says here makes total sense, me being me, I just have trouble with constant internet bombardment. Even though I have come up through the hardcore scene in a time of internet saturation, and even though this blog obviously relies totally on the aforementioned tool, I still (perhaps overly/obsessively) romaticise the idea of a more print/word of mouth based medium. But I am always willing to admit when I am wrong. To be quite honest, I am probably more chuffed that I am gaining a (perhaps shitty?) reputation, and that a member of one of my favourite bands took the time to read something I wrote anyway haha. Sup internet?

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Nasty Nate said...

haha please dont feel bad about that comment. i just like your blog and i didnt want you to get the wrong idea. seriously...thanks so much for your support.