Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mix Tape 2009

A music forum I participate in on occasion has made a 2009 Mix Tape upload thread. I was rather bored tonight so I joined in. I've also decided to upload the tape here for you guys to download aswell, but I'm just as interested in doing legit hard copy tape trades with fellow bloggers/hardcore kids. Hit me up if you're keen and we can arrange something.

Not everything I've selected here is necessarily from this year, but it's all stuff I've been jamming a fair bit in the ohhh nnyynnee. Now I have had problems with uploads in the past, but I've used MediaFire with this so hopefully it should work fine. Message me if it doesn't though.


timothy hegoat aka knee deep in the dead said...

this such a good idea dude!!! :)downloading now! would be keen for a hard copy for sure! I need to make a mix tape of my own!

timothy hegoat aka knee deep in the dead said...

p.s so sorry I took so long to write back on my blog(which I now have!) I dont have the net at home only a hiptop which doesnt allow me to do anything on blogger :(


good choise with that RM jam this live version is so sick!