Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today brought me the following:

Insect Warfare- "Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution" 7" on black. I have wanted this for a while. Got it for a steal on eBay. Arguably their best material.
Thought I'd show a pic of the full artwork as I hadn't seen it in its entirety before, and maybe some people out there haven't either. Epic (click on the pic for a better look).

New Outbreak single. Both songs are actually quite cool. Stupid, pointless vinyl colourway though. Typical Think Fast shit.

Graf Orlock- "Destination Time Today" LP on white. Amazing record, every song is a banger. Curious artwork/layout too.

The gatefold folds out with this window thing with a crosshair on it. Inside is a poster divided into eleven faces of different notables from the past. The idea is that you place said notables faces behind the crosshair. Get it? Like they're about to be shot?

Malcolm X
Others included are Abraham Lincoln, Jesse James, Robert Kennedy plus a few more.
Good idea I guess, if a little excessive.

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