Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"The idea of god is the sole wrong for which I cannot forgive mankind"

Getting close to the end of expected arrivals in form of wax here. Money is tightening up, I haven't bought a single item in weeks, and I'm not expecting to buy any more anytime soon (unless Extortion or In Disgust get these new rumoured releases rolling, c'mon I'm merely human). All I'm waiting on now after this arrival are four more 7"s and that's it. Ouch.
Perhaps I'll resort to blogging about my illustrious efforts in snot picking or something like that. I often dig out some doozies. Tell me what you think.

Rot In Hell/The Process "The Works Of Fate" split 7" on black. Feast Of Tentacles Records.
The sleeve arrived a little damaged (blemish center left) thanks to either Australia's or the UK's postal system. I'll survive though.
First 100 orders came with this mini zine of art and philosophy dedicated to Marquis De Sade and his ideas. It's somewhat out there I guess.

Also landed the second issue of Cutting Away and the second issue of Not Guilty. As you can see Beau sent me a few, so like with those issues of Distort I had, if you're local and you want one, message me and I'll flow you a copy. Fuckhead.

Listen to the Nomos demo.


John said...

Hey mate, hope all is well. Love reading your posts. Kinda new to this blogging caper. Cheers for the last copy of the zine.

Cheers! - John.

AKA Sean Is The Bastard said...

hey john. welcome to blog land! hows life?