Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Downpresser/Creatures split 7"

So I just found these two bands this year on two separate occasions. And with both I've really started to develop a great fondness. Creatures play pretty much "Mongrel" era Think I Care worship. I'd flame them in any other instance, but they do it really bloody well. Great, no bullshit hardcore songs. They put out a 7" a few months ago. Downpresser are similar but with a more metal approach. Reminds me much of later era Cro Mags, and fellow San Diegoins Violation. Heavy, and amazing. They did a 12" ep last year that I had been meaning to get into, but out of pure laze, didn't. Got off my butt and grabbed it a few weeks back, and it's been on non stop ever since.
Anyway, both bands announced today that they're doing a split 7" called "Tracks To Nowhere" on Fineprint Records. Both bands have also released songs from the ep, and said songs own. I can't wait for this record.

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