Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Wax

So now that I'm on a saving mission for my Chicago trip next year, pretty much all vinyl purchasing has ground to a complete halt. I haven't used eBay in weeks, and I haven't spent cash on any other records from anywhere else in that time either. Though, there are still odd packages here and there trickling in to my PO Box from previous spending every now and then. I still expect a few more too over the coming fortnight. After that though, it's done. For the time being anyway (bar the new Mind Eraser, Extortion, and Suffer stuff).
Moving along... these came today...
Snake Run- "Lies" 7". Came with that sticker and a pin badge too.
Pathetic Human- s/t 7".
Cut Sick- "Fraudulent Little Fuckers" 7" with red cloth patch.
As you can see they're all Aussie releases. Nabbed 'em from Lewis aka lead singer of Snake Run (first 7" in post), aka Eat Shit And Die Distro. Cheers Lewis.

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