Saturday, November 1, 2008

Converge Collection

I feel like a parent. I love them all the same (no I don't, Jane Doe is my favourite).
I just realised that I forgot to get out my split LP with Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Whoops, I'm not getting them all out again for another photo, too much effort. Photo also lacks my multiples of No Heroes.

Converge are the reason I started collecting records. Yeah I had a few 7"s before any Converge stuff, but I started an eBay account specifically for that premium Converge wax. And I've never looked back (though I've drained thousands of dollars into my habit).
While my collection is complete in the sense that I have at least one copy of everything that the band have done, it'll never really be complete. I haven't bought a Converge record since the No Heroes pre orders. I think I should get back to paying more attention to the positive growth of this aspect of my wax library. I certainly want Jane Doe on red. Screw it, gimme the clear, and root beer/white presses too. And I'd love the white press of the Unloved And Weeded Out 4x7". And who couldn't do without a complete collection of the split with Coalesce? I'm nearly halfway there with that one. Eerrgghh, that's at least $700 already. Maybe I won't bother. Maybe I will... but maybe I won't. Maybe I will though?
What do you think?


Erin said...


Anonymous said...

do bother...

You'll love it like you have never loved anything else.

but AFTER your us trip.

Sean said...

how come you can post on my blog from word press samn? and why cant i post on yours?