Thursday, October 2, 2008

New stash

In Disgust- "Reality Choke" 10" (clear wax): First heard about this band about 6 weeks ago in an issue of Mindless Mutant Zine. Well actually, I had already heard them on the Trapped In A Scene comp LP that 625 did, but didn't take too much notice. Glad MM turned me in the right direction. Fucken really good southern Cali grind violence. Reminds me alot of Magrudergrind. 
Self Destruct- "All My Friends Are Dead" 7" (black wax): The Endless Quest turned me onto this band. Pretty good Black Flag styled stuff straight outta the UK. To be honest with you though the only real reason I picked this ep up was for the really phat cover art. A top view looking down into some dudes bedroom. Really detailed. Looks rad. (click the photo for a closer look).
Harms Way- s/t 7", and "Imprisoned" 7" (both black wax): Another band I read up on in that issue of Mindless Mutant. They've been described everywhere as a PV band, so I guess that's why I looked into them, but to be honest I'm not getting much PV at all. More like straight up seminal mosh with the odd faster bit here and there. The bands bassist is the singer for Weekend Nachos. Maybe that's where the PV descriptions come from? Anyway, the "Imprisoned" ep has been out for more than 18 months, and the other one has just come out in the last month or so. I managed to get both from Rev though, so I guess not many dudes are frothing on this band? I'm not really either, but I'm definatley not ashamed to have these 2 eps in my collection.
Creatures- s/t 7" (black wax): Cool kinda fastish, thrashy stuff from the states. Rev describes these guys as a negative band "that brings to mind Think I Care and Sheer Terror". Eh maybe? Not as good as either band, but still alright. Grabbed from Rev.
9 Shocks Terror- "Mobile Terror Unit" 7" (purple wax): The repress of this ep on Havoc. I said it about h100's: need I say more? Classic Clevo.
Braindead- "Priest Killer" 7" (black wax): Got into this English PV unit when I fell in love with Rot In Hell, as the two have a split 7". A pretty proven take on modern PV. Moshy in places, mega fast, and pissed off. Great power guy vocals, reminds me of Infest etc.

Hammer Bros.- "The Kids Are Dead" LP (green wax): Just another band I came across by lurking the spazz. Pretty freaking good moshy stuff. I got the Mp3's for this album and the LP before it, and I'd say I do like that older stuff better though. I'll get it on eBay one day I guess. I had to catch 2 buses across town last weekend. The entire trip I blasted Hammer Bros. Was a good bus ride.
Breathing Fire- "Years Of Lead" LP (clear wax): Haven't listened to this album yet, but I know it'll destroy worlds. The 7" did, and I love PV, and I love Painkiller, so I fear not.
Four Corners Comp LP (black wax): Came free with another order I did. Bunch of youth crew bands. Not siked, but hey it was free yeah?
Gehenna- "Upon The Gravehill" LP, and Disco LP (black and green wax respectively): I'm on a HOLY TERROR BENDER. Duh. Rad art on both. Love this band.
9 Shocks Terror- "Zen And The Art Of Beating Your Ass" LP (purple/pink wax): Another classic repress. My favourite 9 Shocks stuff by far.
Catharsis- "Samsara"double LP (black wax): eBay winner. See below post.

Bunch of tapes. Too tired to write a description for all. And besides I haven't listened to all of them yet. The middle one in the top is a friends band. Shock Value. Hai gaiz! Good 80's inspired stuff. They do Black Flag covers, so they gotta be cool right? Middle bottom one is Suffer from Perth. Sweet sweet Crossed Out worship. Interview in the first ish of Downsided. The CD there is a Japanese band named Sex Messiah. I grabbed this from Borg and Endless Blockades. Pure GISM worship. Good mix too. Great demo. The others are Men's Interest and Mentally Challenged, both from Painkiller, and the Shortlived demo.

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