Monday, October 13, 2008

I've got a hard on for 5"s

For some reason 5" records turn me on. Maybe cause i've only got 3 of them? Probably.

Got this Hatred Surge record today. It was released about 5 weeks ago and limited to only 100, so I just missed this thing when I went to order from Rescued From Life Records. eBay hunting I went then.
It's clear.

I've had this RZL DZL 5" for probably more than a year now. Cool as. Reminds me of the days when pop groups released CD singles in those shitty cardboard sleeves. No idea of the pressing.
Smoke weed.

My first 5" record. The infamous Converge s/t 5". Black of I think 1000? Well I know they pressed 1000 of it, but it was pressed on white too, so I'm not sure if each colour was 500 or 1000. Either way, mine is hand numbered 675/1000 (couldn't get a good pic, my camera sux). The 2 songs on here are 2 of the bands best efforts ever as far as I'm concerned. Downpour was the first Converge song I ever heard, and it's still my favourite by a longshot, and the Vio-lence cover is sheer brutality.


errn said...

yeah you were right about metaphor.

new sheetz?

errn said...

ps. its actually my camera, and sorry it sux but itz better than nothingz

Mike said...

The only 5" that I have is a Dropdead/Crossed Out split. Hardest friggin' thing to play on the turntable...