Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Blood Ceremony- "The Eldritch Dark" LP (Rise Above/Metal Blade)
First US Pressing, 2013
Solid Red Vinyl /750

I've been pining for a hard copy this album for a good 18 months now, and same old story- I was too tight to pony up the cash for postage from the US. On a recent trip to Japan I was hoping to pick it up from Disk Union as they had it listed not their web shop, but no luck, they didn't actually have it in any of their stores. A little annoyed by this, I just jumped on Discogs one night in the our hotel in Tokyo and parted ways with the hard earned cash.
Released in various colourways in the UK and Europe by Rise Above Records, this copy is the only of the US variant, pressed with help by Metal Blade.
A lush combination of Prog, Doom, Folk, all layered together with female and male vocals, flute, organ and the standard guitars, bass and percussion, I probably haven't listened to any band as much as I have Blood Ceremony in the last year or so. Of their four full length albums (this is their third), this is by far their strongest work in my opinion.

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