Saturday, February 14, 2015


DiE- s/t 7" (Sonic Terror Discs)
First Press, 2014
Black Vinyl /??

Had a few good things to say about DiE's sophomore effort back in December but mentioned how I didn't feel it was quite up to the scratch of this s/t EP of theirs, their debut from 2013. In that post I indicated how I was pretty keen to get my hands on this record, and in the comments section Mr. Massive Waste made mention about just how easy it would be to grab this online if I wanted it bad enough. He was right, but my only gripe was how much international postage costs these days is. I bit the bullet shortly after I posted that entry anyway (partly motivated by his comment) and committed to a purchase of this excellent 7" on Discogs dot com.
There isn't a huge amount of difference between this platter and their latest one. All of their recorded material to date is top shelf, outsider vibed Hardcore Punk. DiE are possibly one of the more unique bands that exists amongst this current tidal wave of excellent 80's inspired hardcore from England though, relaying less on blatant aggressive macho stomp in favour of a more weirdo, unhinged approach. Where a band like Violent reaction may take heavy influence from a group like Negative FX, DiE probably spin the first United Mutation EP more often. Everything about this release is fucking great and I don't have a bad thing to say about it. Great recording, excellent, catchy songs, memorable vibes.


massivewaste said...

I actually bought both records after your review, haha

The Worlds An Asylum said...

Without trying to be a cunt I just wanted to point out that your copy is not a first pressing. You can tell this because of the credit adjustment to the guitarist Hecdor. Subsequent pressings of the 7" had his name crossed out due to him leaving England, quitting the band and moving back home to Madrid.