Monday, January 26, 2015


To The Point- s/t 3" (Behind The Mountain)
First Press, 2014
Black Vinyl, Lathe Cut /200

I like this band a little, they play a good, angsty take on Slap-a-Ham-esque Powerviolence mayhem. Their 7" from last year, "Give Me A Reason" is a record that I really need to get my hands on. This EP though, I didn't need. It's two songs and barely a minute of music and left overs from previous recording sessions. Had it been pressed as a 5", I doubt I would have bothered. As I don't have any other 3" records though (and I doubt I'll ever buy another one), I had to get this if anything just for novelty value. It's certainly a strange record to hold and look at in that context of small, novelty value releases.

Photo with Shrapnel 7" for comparative purposes.

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massivewaste said...

I wouldn´t be able to play this on my cheap turntable. By the way, 3", 5" and 10" they all suck imo :-)