Sunday, November 9, 2014


Iron Lung- "Savagery" 7" (Iron Lung)
First Press, 2014
Green Vinyl /??

I doubt there's any real need to go into massive detail about this new Iron Lung EP. The band continue the near flawless barrage of frenzied, hyper-blast, weirdo Powerviolence with "Savagery". 12 tracks in around 7 minutes, all of which use single word titles that start with the letter 'S'. Fans of the bands work from the previous 5-6 years will enjoy this. The recording is a little low brow compared to the last album, but it's hardly unlistenable and it suits the format perfectly. Giant fold out poster sleeve with hand stamped cover. Artwork by the bands guitarist Jon, otherwise known as Feeding. Unsure of pressing details but I think this green vinyl is of the more limited press. I don't think it's overly rare or anything like that though.

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