Saturday, November 15, 2014


Genocide Pact- "Desecration" 7" Single (Bad Teeth)
First Press, 2014
Black Vinyl /450

More excellent Death Metal from this newish DC band, Genocide Pact, in the form of this two track 45 pressed by Bad Teeth Recordings. I originally managed to post about this band at the beginning of the year when their demo was pressed to vinyl by Flophouse Records & Tapes and Malokul Records. The two tracks on offer this time around don't differ in any way to the groups earlier material at all really, other than the fact that they've managed to present a noticeably more up-market quality recording. Two tracks of meandering, plodding, riff charged, guttural Death metal. Over the year I've read in numerous places the band being compared to obvious and more popular influences such as Obituary, Autopsy, Terrorizer etc, but one band that I haven't seen brought into the discussion at all that I think these guys sound heaps like is Six Feet Under. The singer bares obvious similarities to that of Chris Barnes and the music is largely of that simplistic riff based style also. Whether they realise it or not too, they've managed to come up with cover art that is strikingly similar to that of Six Feet Under's 1999 opus, "Maximum Violence".
From what I've read, these guys are writing for their debut full length to be released on A389 Records in the not too distant future. This EP serves as a perfect preview to that upcoming music.

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Dustin said...

Good call on the SFU comparison. Can't believe I didn't see/hear that.