Thursday, September 11, 2014


Eternal Champion- "The Last King Of Pictdom b/w War At The Edge Of The End" 7" Single (Hell Massacre)
First Press, 2014
Black Vinyl /500

Austin's Eternal Champion are a band that have been receiving regular repeated plays on my iPod for the better part of 13 months now. I briefly spoke about them last year following my discovery of the digital version of their debut demo tape, "The Last King Of Pictdom". I missed the release of the hard copy of that tape and I've been searching for it ever since. Hell Massacre (Painkiller imprint) Records has just released the vinyl pressing of the demo so it fills that need for a material copy of this music for now.
It is worth noting that the singer for this band is Jason Tarpey, the vocalist of now defunct Texas cross over legends Iron Age. As I mentioned last time I spoke about the band though, the evolution that Tarpey's vocals have taken between the two groups is substantial and Eternal Champion's brand of Epic Heavy Metal is more or less completely removed from the experimental thrash that Iron Age made their swan song with. Though there's only two songs on offer here, to me this thing is certainly the pic of the recent batch of stuff that PKR just released, and it's a strong contender for my favourite EP of the year. A split with Gatekeeper is due early next year.

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