Friday, September 5, 2014


Peacebreakers/Waste Management/Boston Strangler- "Stompilation" Cassette (Stupid)
First Edition, 2014

Boston Strangler, Peacebreakers and Waste Management did a short tour of the UK a couple of months back, and as part of the tour, Stupid Records did a small run of this "Stompilation" cassette, a three way split between each of the bands. There was only two shows on the tour as far as I know, so they didn't sell everything, so Static Shock Records put some up for order in their webstore a few weeks back. I grabbed a copy.
New music from all bands. Six previously unreleased tracks from the Stranglah, plus a Waste Management cover. Two new tracks from Peacebreakers, a re-recording of one of their demo tracks, and a handful of live tracks. And three new jams from Waste Management, along with a few re-recordings of songs from each of the EP's, and a Cause For Alarm cover.
Pretty solid release if just for the new music from each of the bands. The BS tracks are of the rather rough variety and I'd wager that they'll end up being on the bands next LP. The new PB songs sound like left overs from the EP recording sessions, and all the WM stuff is excellent, with the re-recordings being of arguable better quality than their original versions.

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