Sunday, June 15, 2014


Internal Rot/Manhunt- Split 7" (Lethal Dose/625 Thrash/Psychocontrol)
First Pressing, 2014
Yellow Vinyl /50

In addition to their contribution to this split, Internal Rot have just returned from a short tour of the US and released a full length album, so they've been busy to an extent recently. Their four tracks here are exactly what you'd expect from the band; relentless Grindcore ala Excruciating Terror and related nastiness. Recorded back in March 2012, these songs, plus something like an additional 16 were originally intended for their debut LP, but were scrapped due to the guys not being entirely happy with the quality. Between that aborted session and the one for the eventually approved "Mental Hygiene" album, they wrote a load of new songs, so these four have only seen a release here. Pure Grind superiority in my opinion and certainly Australia's strongest example of the style currently.

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