Sunday, June 15, 2014


Disguise- System Shock 7" (Milk Run) 
First Pressing, 2014 
Yellow Vinyl /500

A central group of Irish musicians continues to produce quality loud music, the latest of the batch being this debut 7" from Dublin's Disguise, "System Shock". I had more or less forgone any real hope of hearing new riffs from these guys until Milk Run announced towards the end of last year that they would be pressing the bands inaugural vinyl outing. It took a little longer than what I assume the label had hoped, but finally the record has seen it's release.
The band haven't made a huge departure from what the demo originally hinted at- harsh Japanese inspired hardcore is largely the order of the day here, though the recording if anything is of notably lesser quality than that of the bands previous material. Across the board with this EP, the band also utilise more often a higher tempo, and the reverb effects on Andy's vocals aren't as pronounced, while all the delay is still there. All those factors lend to a different vibe than the previous stuff. It's probably not as hooky as the demo, but it's got energy in droves.

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