Friday, June 27, 2014


Violent Reaction- Dead End 7" (Quality Control) 
First UK press, 2014 
Black Vinyl /500 

They've just signed to Revelation Records and they're due to release a new LP this year, but before that, Violent Reaction have managed to produce this excellent new EP, "Dead End". This version is the UK press committed by the mighty Quality Control Records on black vinyl. Perhaps foolishly, I opted to purchase this from Static Shock instead of directly from QC as SS also had copies of the Crown Court demo. As a result though, I missed out on the limited white press of 100 copies of this EP. Not to worry, PKR have just handled the US release with a limited variation that I think I was quick enough to land.
It's not credited on the record sleeve anywhere, but discogs dot com states that this thing was mastered by Will Kilingsworth, perhaps a reason for the loud result, that could arguably result in the bands strongest release to date. Where I felt the "City Streets" album suffered slightly in the less than loud recording, here they've more less combined all the best factors of their two previous releases. That top shelf sound captured on the first 7", and all the more UK Oi! influences they started playing with on the LP. Here they probably take that UK approach further too with the distorted guitars completely eliminated in favour of that clean guitar sound.

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