Sunday, June 22, 2014


Extortion- Degenerate LP (Blitz/Deep 6)
Third Press, 2014
White and Black Vinyl /??

Considering all the records that I own by this band, after some searching it looks like I've never made a dedicated post about what is arguably Extortion's best work, their first LP originally from 2006, "Degenerate", which I'm a little surprised by. This is another press -the third- handled by UK label Blitz Records with licence from Deep 6 on what the label describes as white and black, but seems more like a smudged grey. From the initial earlier presses, apart from the colour way, this thing varies in no way at all.
I'm confident in saying that this band isn't responsible for a single sub par release, though it all certainly exists along a scale of 'fucking excellent' down to 'not as excellent'. Sandwiched between the bands 1st and 2nd EP's, this record would definitely exist at the strong end of that scale and from many conversations I've had with people over the years, it seems it's all down to opinion on which of the first three of their records is their best work. I will admit that my opinion on the three tends to switch depending on my mood, but this album normally ends up being the one I spin first, mostly just because there's simply more music presented here and I don't need to be flipping between sides as often. I'd argue that the recording captured here is probably the best that the band achieved too- nice and loud and blown out without getting too 'studio'.
For the last couple of years the band have been completely inactive, though around the time of the release of their split with Cold World Rohan did make mention of a heap of material they had recorded for a handful of split releases with some very excellent bands. He did also talk about another full length. I haven't heard anything since then, but it would be good to see some new music from the band, considering just how prolific they were during the end of the noughties.

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