Friday, June 20, 2014


Rot In Hell- Ruined Empire LP (Organized Crime)
First Press, 2014
Grey Vinyl /??

Through all of the general pointlessness and unwarranted hype generated around Record Store Day every year, I normally tend to find at least one release that interests me enough to make me chase it down. Last year it was the Insect Warfare/Napalm Death split 7", this year it's this new collection LP from Rot In Hell, "Ruined Empire". This record serves as a sequel to the bands first collection LP, "Hallways Of The Always", and more or less works the exact same way; a collection of nearly all of the music that they have released on smaller formats since that last big record. What is different this time around though is that the band have opted not to record any new music specifically for this record; everything you get here has been released previously, admittedly though, some of it in extremely limited pressings.

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