Sunday, May 4, 2014


Internal Rot- Live & Rehearsal Tape, 12/200 // EP on Tape, /30 (Noise Not War Records)
First Editions, 2014

To my detest, I haven't had the opportunity to post about Melbourne's Grindcore chieftans Internal Rot since mid 2011 when I spoke about their debut EP. At the time I didn't know much about the band other than the fact that they were from Melbourne. Since that time I've gotten to know the bands drummer Christoph a little, seen them live a few times, and listened to that EP repeatedly for the last near three years. Pure, no frills Grindcore that takes heavy cues from 90's Socal propagators of filth Excruciating Terror. Obvious lineage back to albums like "FETO", and "World Downfall" as well. Christoph and co. have been quite busy the last 12 months, recording an aborted LP session (they were unhappy with the sound quality), re-recording and releasing a new CD LP (vinyl due in the coming weeks, of which I will post about when I get it), participating in a split 7", and laying down a few live and rehearsal sessions, one of each has made it here to this new tape release handled by Noise Not War Records from the UK.
In what looks like 200 home dubbed copies, sound is of a reasonable quality. The live side of the tape consists evenly of tracks from the EP and new full length. It sounds like it was literally recorded with a voice recorder in someones pocket at the back of the room, but for manic fans of the band, it is a pleasing angle. The rehearsal side is excellently blown out and raw and exactly what you'd expect from this kind of release.

And what looks like a treat for the more avid fans, Noise Not War also went to the trouble to dub 30 copies of the EP to tape. Again, sound quality is above passable. 30 copies only though, and obviously no new music, so certainly only really produced for proper Grind heads and followers of the group. All sold out at this point I think.

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