Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Shrapnel- Demo Tape (New Instinct Records)
British Edition, 2014

The absolute tidal wave of powerful UKHC continues with this demo tape from Shrapnel. It's just been issued by Moshers Delight in the US but this is the English edition from New Instinct Records. Where the bulk of this current breed of British stuff has centred around a stark Boston '82/UK Oi! vibe for the last 18 months or so, certainly kick-started by bands like Violent Reaction and The Flex, this tape oozes mid/late 80's NYHC ala Breakdown. It's heavy and nasty, and the recording teeters on blown out just like the '87 Demo'. There hasn't been a more on-point rendition of this particular kind of knuckle dragging hardcore in years from anywhere, let alone from the UK. Might be worth pointing out that this band is comprised of members of VxR and The Flex.

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