Sunday, April 20, 2014


Doubled Over/Hemdale- Split 7" (Fat Ass Records)
First Pressing, 2014
Black Vinyl /??

Melbourne's blast beat merchants Doubled Over had been notably dormant for a number of years, perhaps even totally dispatched until recently reforming to make a contribution to this split 7" with Cleveland grind stalwarts, Hemdale. Perhaps naively, Hemdale aren't a band that I had ever been familiar with before this record came about, but research shows a 20 year history of demos, split release and the like, and talk of an ill fated LP that never saw the light of day. They play a pretty solid blend of no frills grind, generally the kind that I am normally most fond of. Perhaps I need to track down this bands other stuff. Doubled Over strike back with their style of obtrusive, straight forward grind. Guttural bellows dominate the mix, and as always Christoph's percussion is world class. Lineage and influence of course can be traced back to bands like Excruciating Terror and perhaps even their split mates here. Pressed by Fat Ass Records.

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