Friday, April 25, 2014


In Disgust/SFN- Split 7" (Drugged Conscience Records)
First Pressing, 2014
Black Vinyl /600

Sometimes the faithful must wait, and never more so has that been the case than with the In Disgust/SFN split EP. A good solid two years of planning went into the release of this 7", and from what I've read, plenty of hurtles were encountered along the way. Pressed by Drugged Conscience with some kind of help from IFB Records, this EP was originally announced initially in 2012 (possibly even late 2011?) before In Disgust broke up the first time. It was also also originally supposed to be released as a two sided 5" but for whatever reason it ended as this one sided 7".
Four tracks in less than 2 minutes from In Disgust of the usual ExT peppered Californian Grindcore, sure to please any fan of the bands previous work. The biggest difference from older material being that Ramirez handles the vocals on all of the tracks as opposed to Gomes usual main contribution. The best thing about their side is the viciously 'slow' track in the middle of the bunch. Information is scarce but I'm sure that these songs were recorded during the sessions for the split LP with PLF. Maybe someone out there can tell me, but I think these guys have broken up again? There doesn't seem to be much word of anything happening.
SFN handle their side in much the same manner, three tracks in less than 2 minutes, all of which should please fans of down trodden Powerviolence ala Crossed Out/the bands previous works. I've never been the hugest of fans, but this is pretty solid stuff.

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