Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The sheer scope of the Boston scene is on display again with "Life Is But A Doorway To The Incinerator" from Torture Chain. I've only had the pleasure of blogging about this no-fi Black Metal outfit once when I posted about their only foray into vinyl last year with the LP issuing of "Across Great Landscapes To A Legacy of Blood". This tape here would certainly be my favourite material of the bands though, utilising the biggest and loudest recording of their entire catalogue. One track that nears 25 minutes in length, but boring it never gets, as the song progresses through multiple sections distinct enough that they could have easily been divided up into more shorter tracks. As the music stands though, the progressions make for a drawing listen. I'm rarely so taken with music of this style, but there's something about this tape of the bands in particular that is fascinating. Each section has it's own feel and amazing hook. It also definitely takes the cake for one of the best release titles ever penned.
In 18 months I've only ever seen this tape surface on Discogs once, and that is how I managed to land this copy. With postage from Europe it wasn't a bargain at all, but still worth every dollar.

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