Thursday, February 20, 2014


The last in the impressive catalogue of Boston's speed violence pushers Vaccine is this split 7" with sister band No Faith, pressed by Vinyl Rites. Perhaps a strong if predictable way to go out, Vaccine produce five tracks of uncompromised, break neck, bitter hardcore, exactly what you'd expect. This brings the bands entire recorded output up to about 20 minutes. Excellent.
From what I can tell No Faith is comprised of 3/4's of Vaccine. Their previous LP was extremely comparable to Vaccine in terms of sound and recording quality, with plenty of hasty blasts, though broken up with many more moments of plodding doom and electronic induced noise. Sharing lead singers certainly creates a very similar feel too. Their one track here though runs around five minutes and is comprised entirely of a sluggish, drab, noisy soundscape punctuated with a powerful riff and snarling vocals. Perhaps a polar opposite to that of their split mates. I guess that's the point.

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