Friday, February 14, 2014


A record that I was particularly interested in getting my hands on but that eluded me for a number of years is this split 7" between the mighty Iron Lung and one of Britain's finest examples of outsider hardcore noise, The Process. An extremely limited 2007 pressing made for IL's tour of the UK had been the main reason for its scarcity, but when The Process made their way to the US last year, Iron Lung Records decided that it was due for a repress and hence it was suddenly made more widely available to people like me. All copies were committed to this dark maroon colourway and the artwork was updated slightly from a previous photo version of the cover picture.
Three tracks from Iron Lung in the exact vein that you'd expect; crushing, disjointed affairs in modern PV disfunction. The Process produce a single track of around six minutes of chugging, depressive sludge not dissimilar from some of the slower moments on their full length album, though with a slightly more suiting recording.

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