Thursday, February 13, 2014


This blog has seen a distinct lack of Column Of Heaven related posts over the years due in part at least to the rates that the USPS charges these days to post to Australia. The last and only time I've spoken about the band was in the middle of 2011 when their demo was under the spotlight. They've only been moderately active in terms of releases since then, unleashing a few short run tapes, an LP, a split 7" with Radioactive Vomit, and this new 7", "Holy Things Are For The Holy" on Iron Lung Records.
Sacrificing the more PV orientated sound that they've displayed so far with previous releases, this EP presents two tracks of droning, plodding noise that can only be described by this blogger as something closely resembling some kind of industrial crunch. Not really surprising I suppose when you consider the people involved with the group and their history within other well known punk and metal related acts. Spanning the six minutes of each side, the two songs here offer nothing that could be considered consistent in terms of vibe or even tempo. Their are moments of blasting, frantic pace that are then offset with crushing, downtrodden noise. There are also moments that could be considered pleasing to fans of more traditional hardcore punk, thick guitars and snappy percussion in tact. But for the most part, both sides of this EP just utilise a depressing, industrial landscape. Not the kind of things that I listen to regularly at all, but still worth playing loud at silly hours of the night/morning.

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