Sunday, January 26, 2014


The latest release in a lengthy schedule of EP's, splits, LP's and the like since around '99, this is the most recent full length from Houston's own PLF (otherwise known as Pretty Little Flower), "Devious Persecution And Wholesale Slaughter", thanks to Six Weeks Records. A record that I would have more than likely acquired well before now if it wasn't for postage rates from the US, this was another recent pick up on my trip to All Ages Records in London.
One of the better current grind bands in the US, I suppose similarities could be drawn to fellow Texans Insect Warfare, and that bands more well recorded stuff. Similar tones in the guitar and drums, and a similar clarity in some of the recording qualities. These guys seem to have always incorporated a little more of a Death and Thrash Metal approach into their sound though, where IW, while utilising some very obvious Death Metal elements, were much more a band for grind purists. This is probably my favourite recorded material by PLF at this point. There is some solid riffing and ideas going on here for a band that's been around for such a length of time.

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Dustin said...

Been meaning to buy a copy of this since it released but have yet to do so.