Saturday, January 25, 2014


Another in a steady line of reissues and compilation LP's from bands of the 80's with this new reissue of Breakdown's previously cassette only demo, "Runnin' Scared". Sharing the work this time are two formidable US forces, Boston's Painkiller Records and 540 Records from Texas. Along for the ride are two previously unreleased Breakdown tracks as well as a WNYU live set from 1989.
I think anyone familiar with the band will have heard the releases namesake;  a knuckle dragging, heavy hardcore classic; typical NYHC of the time that's been floating around online in one form or another for years. The extras aren't far off the mark either. Just unrelenting, ham fisted stuff. Sold out for now, though I suspect the labels intend on repressing it at some point.

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