Sunday, December 1, 2013


Subject to it's fair share of talk over the last few weeks is this third and final EP from Obliteration, "War Is Our Destiny". Black vinyl pressed by Beach Impediment. Not to be confused with the Death Metal band of the same name, this band play a pretty cool take on 80's Scando punk mixed with what I interpret as something like early 80's mid west USHC akin to Poison Idea and like. Comprised of members of other well known current and former American hardcore bands, stark comparisons could probably also be made to later Knife Fight as both bands share the same singer. The material here is more or else the same as the bands two previous 7"s, though this is probably the best quality recording the band have achieved. Less obvious American esque breaks here also lead to much more of a cool Anti Cimex and the like vibe. It's been about four years since the last EP, so apart from a very brief mention in a post back in 2009, I've never really had the chance to post in depth about these guys on here. Good thing they decided to unleash one final recording before calling it quits.

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