Sunday, September 1, 2013


I think you could attribute a lot of the sound, attitude and aesthetics of the current Australian underground metal scene to Sydney extreme Death Metal group Sadistik Exekution and this album of theirs, "We Are Death Fukk You". Brisbane in particular seems to be undergoing some kind dark, edgy, quazi mysterious, deliberately politically incorrect fad of late. No doubt Sadistik Exekution were expert proponents of such ideals, and the Blackened Death sound that they had a big hand in creating in the early 90's has arguably peaked at it's full potential on an international scale over the last few years. My real knowledge of the band is minimal at best, when these guys were hitting their full stride I was just a young boy and their patent on brutal, extreme, barbaric metal scared the shit out of me to be honest. Research suggests though that this album was originally meant to be self titled, but for one reason or another the label pressing it, Osmose Records out of France, misconstrued a message sent along with the master and ended up pressing it with that name. This is a reissue from Osmose from last year, black wax and gatefold sleeve.
As stated, real knowledge about the activities of this band over the course of it's life escapes me, and a grand understanding of their wider history and sound is something that I am without, but I can say that this is some pretty brutal, heavy and demonic Death Metal. History has more or less painted these guys as a through and though black metal band, a fact which could possibly be attributed a little to their long standing ties with various members of prominent bands of the 80's and early 90's metal scenes in Norway and Sweden. There's a stark blackened feel to the bulk of the music here too, most notable in the rough nature of the recording, the ratio of driving blast beats and tremolo picking to anything else, and the image the guys in the band portrayed in photos and the like. Examined closely, and for long enough though and it's obvious what kind of sound these guys were really going for. Heavy tuned guitars, some monster riffs and much more low end vocals are utilised throughout the music, all stand points of proper metal of Death. The very fact that members of the band have always maintained it's Death Metal status should be enough of a pointer too.

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