Saturday, August 31, 2013


I'm a little surprised that Social Damage (formerly Blind X Justice) out of Indianapolis have released a new demo full of fresh songs. Readers may remember me posting about this bands first demo earlier in the year and how much I liked it. Initially that demo was released under their old name, and then a smaller second run was committed with the new one. Based on how good that tape was I really expected that some label out there would take up the slack and help the band press something like an EP. Alas, Demo II is here, released by Criminal Rights Records. Maybe the band wanted to release some new music under their new solid name, I hope so anyway, because that first demo was really good and could have been released as a 7" in it's own right.
Three new songs here, along more or less the exact same lines as the older tracks, though with a rougher recorded nature. Straight Ahead and other NYHC contemporaries ring the most true, the fornt man's vocals standing out to me as the highlight. Simplistic songs, short and sweet also. Nothing more to say really, just very catchy and well written hardcore, played by guys that obviously know what they're doing.

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